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About Inkstain: Australia’s New Leading Printer Cartridges Retailer

Wondering where to buy printer ink cartridges? You have come to the right place! Inkstain is an invaluable resource for your home office and business needs.

Here are the great reasons to shop with Inkstain:

  1. Guaranteed quality. Inkstain is, at its very core, an online retailer of premium printer cartridges and  supplies.We carry genuine ink cartridges and compatible products.
  2. Fast delivery. Shopping for printer inks and supplies online with Inkstain ensures that you never have to sacrifice time or money to receive high quality products at a great value. With so many different types of printer cartridges in stock, we process orders received on the same day.
  3. Easy shopping. When buying printer ink cartridges and toners online, you most likely want to find explicitly what you’re looking for with a few simple clicks. To help you filter through the numerous products at your fingertips, we provide a specific brand page which immediately narrows your search down to the specific ink cartridge your printer, fax machine or copier requires.

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  1. Excellent site.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Fleur. Hope you spread the word and we see many happy customers supplied with these great products. Let everyone know I can source their required cartridges even id not advertised in my shop! Cheers. Marcus

  2. Would you believe that you might be just like a large number of IT users who are unsure what type of printer they have. An Inkjet printer or laser toner printer? A toner cartridge or ink cartridge? That is the question, but both technologies could not be more different.
    I am sure to most, Laser printing sounds technical but the procedure is quite simple. The laser beam formed by static electricity composes the print image to the pattern required. The printer then coats the drum with toner. Many of you may be familiar with toner, it is a powder form that is stored inside the cartridge which is constantly replaced when empty.

    More to follow:

  3. Laser Printing :

    The toner powder has replicated a pattern visual of the print image. The printer will then remove the excess powder and the paper has the required printer pattern be it in a powder form. The printer will heat the powder on the paper to seal the finish, removing any loose powder and providing a nice shine exterior surface.
    A systematic procedure that ensures accuracy at speed. Hence, why laser printing is the preferred option for bulk printing. Printing high volumes of output in quick time. Generally, laser toner printing is used in industry, as the printing demands, are in a larger scale, whereas, home printing tends to be a smaller scale using ink cartridges

  4. Excellent site! Will definitely be using this website from now on.

  5. Thank you Antonio. Nice to hear comments like this.

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